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“Detailed and thorough inspection report for your septic tank system- call us today!”

You don't have to wait until something happens to your septic system. Call A1 Septic Service for a routine inspection. We are the most trusted septic tank inspectors in Duval County, Florida.

Our septic team provides the best services in the area. We have over a decade of professional experience and use the best septic equipment available.

We have the right tools to facilitate the inspection of the drain pipes without hurting the drain fields. Sometimes, we use long snake tubes and specially designed cameras for our inspection. Our team will check everything that is going on within the pipes.

We also make sure that there are no tree roots that are growing into the pipes that can cause crack and blockage along the path. These processes will discover any problems so that you know what immediate actions to take.

What we offer:

If you are planning to buy a home, you’re probably buying one with a septic system. As part of the home inspection process, we recommend that you order a septic inspection from us. A septic system inspection isn’t inexpensive, but it can prevent future issues.

There are several types of inspections that we can do. A walk-over is a very simple inspection and doesn’t tell you much. When we are satisfied that the system has water flowing from through the septic tank to the drain field, we walk over the drain field to see if there is any sewage present at the surface.

We recommend ordering a more detailed inspection, which usually takes about two hours. Our inspector uncovers the tank lid or lids and then pumps the tanks. After this has been done, we will check the tank visually to ensure the tank’s structural integrity is good.

Our septic team is ready to provide you with a thorough and detailed septic inspection. For over a decade, homeowners have trusted us to ensure proper maintenance of their system.

We have the best equipment, training, and expertise to assess the condition of your tank. We can determine where the issue lies and apply the most effective solution before the problem gets worse.
We recommend septic inspections to be done regularly. Wastes coming from your skin, shower, and other appliances run through underground pipes. Your septic system separates the solid from the liquid components.

If you neglect septic inspection, it can lead to a buildup of residue in your tank. This can lead to clogs and hazardous conditions for you and your property.

Our team is here to provide a comprehensive septic inspection. We guarantee to keep your system working in optimal condition.

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A clogged septic system is a problem you may not want to experience. Investing in a regular septic inspection will keep your system healthy and protected.

Call us now at (904)764 -6600 to schedule your next septic inspection. We take pride in serving properties in Duval County, Florida.

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With 50 years and 3 generations of experience in the septic industry we have the skills, staff, and equipment to handle any septic issue you can throw at us. From the smallest system hooked up to a house to enormous onsite sewage treatment systems for businesses and municipal parks.
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