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Drain field failure is the most common cause of clogging in your septic system. Let the professionals at A1 Septic Service handle your drain field repair needs. We cater to the needs of all properties in Duval County, Florida.

What makes us stand out from the competition is our professional experience. Our septic team provides the best septic services at the best prices.

Septic systems are made up of two main parts: a tank and a drain field. The primary function of a drain field is to purify and disperse the flow from the septic tank.

We offer the following septic services:

When wastes enter your septic tank, bacteria begin to digest organic materials in the wastewater. From the septic tank, the partially treated sewage flows into the drain field for secondary treatment.

A drain field is composed of rocks, pipes or chambers for leaching systems. These elements connect them together to form a continuous drainage system. They are installed in trenches. The bottom part is open for the filtration of water.

Several components determine the flow of waste. These include the size, design, location, and soil characteristics.

Over time the soil becomes clogged with organic material and clog up the system. Thus, the soil becomes unusable.

Ponding around can be an indication of an over-saturated drain field. Root intrusion, excessive rainwater, improper location, and poor installation can all lead to major issues. However, the most common reason for premature failure is improper maintenance by homeowners or tenants. 

In most cases, redesigning and replacing the system in a new location is the only practical long-term solution. This type of work should be completed only by a qualified contractor. You need to secure local health department permits before construction can begin.

Below are some of the signs that you need to look for that might signal your drain field needs repairs.

Pooling water in your property

While it may be a sign of a broken pipe in the system, it can also be due to a clog. When not attended to immediately, it can lead to problems with the entire system.

Sewage back up

A sewage backup is a very unpleasant experience. When your drain field has reached its capacity, it can cause some water and sewage to back up in the tank. These will block the flow of water and the pathway for the waste away from your home.

Sewage backup does not only require a proper home cleanup. It also needs the assistance of professionals to diagnose the problem correctly.

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